Learn Chinese for business

Basically, to master Chinese for business use (above the common words and essentials of the language) you will need to learn some extra vocabulary for whatever specific terminology your business requires. But I wouldn’t recommend you to start learning business-specific vocabulary before you have a strong understanding of key concepts and are pretty…

There are many benefits of implementing an LMS, but there are also costs and risks that need to be evaluated beforehand.

The key points to consider when implementing an LMS

  • Goals.

You need to clearly determine what business goals you wish to achieve with your LMS. This will have a critical effect on all your decisions as you need to align your new LMS with the needs of your organization.

You may wish to train your internal staff only or you may want a solution for training your customers. You may need a simple system to store your training data or a more sophisticated solution for tracking and evaluating…

Many HR-related tasks, such as keeping employee records and movements, time, attendance, and payroll are dull, repetitive, and time-consuming if done manually. HR software helps automate and streamline these tasks, which saves a lot of time to HR staff, business owners, and employees, lets them focus on more important things, and put every effort into growing business.

Introducing HR software into business processes doesn’t simply save time. …

The intention to release a software product sooner and reduce the cost of development often forces business owners to minimize the efforts on testing. This is especially crucial for IT startups and small companies with limited budgets and time constraints. However, a lack of testing can likewise be expensive as software errors cause lots of problems and cost the economy billions of dollars every year.

Some famous failures due to software glitches in recent years:

  • In January 2016, a software update went wrong for Nest’s smart thermostat and made it impossible for users to heat their houses or get hot…

Myths and Realities

A tremendous success of popular apps like WhatsApp, Snapchat and Pokémon GO tickles the entrepreneurial instinct of people who wish to start their own IT business. Snatches of stories about “the garage that birthed Google” or “Facebook that started as a dorm room project” easily stick in mind. As for the less exciting things about how much time, efforts and resources were involved into turning the idea initially born in a garage or dorm room into a thriving profitable business, these details quickly fade in our memory.

As a result, there is a myth that a sustainable application can be…

Whatever fans of other technologies say, Ruby on Rails retains a leading position among the hottest web frameworks in the world. Its flexibility and high development speed make it a great choice for various projects, be it a rapid prototyping or a large-scale custom enterprise solution. It’s no wonder that many startups and established businesses choose Ruby on Rails for their applications.

However, hiring a development company with the necessary experience and skills is often challenging. In this list you will find app developers who work extensively with Ruby on Rails and have superior expertise in this framework.


Such claims as “I have hired an offshore development team, spent a lot of time and money but didn’t get a working application” are a common thing in the modern software development world. And the sad truth is that it is really so, not all project owners who deal with outsourced developers are satisfied with the results of their work. There is no doubt that the problem of getting what you want from an outsourcing service provider exists. However, isn’t it the same with in-house developers? The thing is that it is not enough to have a great business idea…

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Head of marketing at an IT company. Blogger, content enthusiast, beer lover and Siberian husky fan.

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